How To Wear Voluminous Pieces When You Are Petite

If you are petite and you have always been told to avoid big pieces for fear of seeing yourself swimming in the folds of the fabric, think again. Let's be more specific: It is important that you look for details when looking for glittering dresses. A clinching waistband can balance the volume of a flared skirt, the perfect placement of the seam can extend your shape and a fitted collar can flatter your upper body. Pay attention to these little features to accentuate your figure, and in the meantime we've done some homework to get your started. Here are five pieces that flatter petites, from wide-leg trousers to a flared midi:

Wide-Leg Pants

wide leg pants

This is the kind of volume that increases your height by a few inches and gives you an chic—win-win look!

Pleated Blouse

pleated blouse

A banded collar will help to extend your upper body, while the volume of a pleated neckline will create the perfect polished look.



Culottes and all the fabrics that accompany them can be scary for petites. A high-waist silhouette is guaranteed to flatter a smaller figure.

Flared Dress

flared dress

Everyone needs a simple A-line dress: this trapezoidal shape and long sleeves extend your figure and put a spotlight on those killer stems out.

Flared Midi

flared midi

The midi is here to stay for petites, so bring out your inner bad girl with a flared leather skirt. The waistband that defines the border balances the volume of the flare, while the leather panel seams pull the eye up and down the skirt and lengthens the legs.

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