How To Wear Denim To Work

Believe it or not, suit pants and pencil skirts are not your only options for professional workwear. Consider jeans — we know you already do. We know you eye them every morning, wishing you could get away with wearing jeans to work. The good news is that you can do it (just a few styling tips). Continue reading to learn how to wear denim to the office without getting a raised brow from your boss.

Pay attention to the cut: If your workplace is conservative, opt for a dark wash that is not distressed. Change your weekend skinnies to a trouser style that mimics the polished wide-leg pants.

Top it off: Sure, one button-down is enough, but a graphic blouse with statement sleeves will win more fashion points (without getting the side-eye from HR).

Step down: You don't need heels when you have fabulous flats. Go for a subtle touch of color (the navy always wins) and pretty touches, such as ribbon ties.

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