How To Find The Best Dress For Your Body Type

When it comes to deciding what to wear, putting on a dress might just be the easiest fashion solution out there. However, the most complicated thing to know is which dress is the most flattering for your body. In this article, we have compiled a cheat sheet that will not only show you the styles that will showcase your shape best, but also reduce your testing time by half. That does not mean that you can not experiment with other clothing styles! But consider this as our helpful shopping guide for anytime you are lost.

To accentuate your waist

to accentuate your waist

What to look for: Semi-fitted styles that gently follow your curves and show off your waistline, including wraps, fit-and-flared numbers, sleeves, belted shirtdresses and full dresses. Choose medium-weight knits and soft fabrics that cover well. Opt for a more open neckline for a slimming effect.

To promote the curves

to promote the curves

What to look for: High necklines to enhance your bust, and details that define the stomach (such as belts, draping and shirring) and body-skimming bias cuts to create curves. Not worried about curves? A-lines and shifts are also chic options.

To pull focus away from your midsection

to pull focus away from your midsection

What to look for: Dresses that do not emphasize the waistline, like shifts and subtle A-lines. Basically, boxy, generous shapes are your best choice. Do lift the hemlines to show off your legs.

To balance proportions

to balance proportions

What to look for: Build a heavier bottom with strapless or cut-out styles that extend the shoulders. Wraps also glide nicely on the full hips.

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