7 Ways To Cuff Your Jeans Like A Street Style Star

Cuffing your jeans may seem simple, but in reality it is not an easy task. As incidental as the base of all Americans can be, the way you cuff your denim says something about you and your personal style. The act requires some level of attention to detail. And to cuff your jeans symmetrically? Let's be sincere, it can take more than one try in the morning.

In the following, we describe step by step how you can cuff your jeans in a bevy of fashion-forward ways and which denim silhouette works best with each kind of cuff (boot leg jeans with a single folded cuff? Pure perfection). In addition, we classify each cuff according to difficulty. So, throw on your favorite jeans, scroll through the gallery and follow along.

Fold It Up

fold it up

Difficulty: Easy

Type of Jeans:  Boot Leg

Take about 4 inches of fabric and fold it into a cuff. To get a crisp fold, hold the hem of your pant tight and slide your hand between the layers and use your fingertips to create a clean symmetrical line. Feel free to iron the cuff in place (as soon as the jeans are off!) to make it last longer.

Make Tiny Folds

make tiny folds

Difficulty: Moderate

Type of Jeans: Boyfriend Jeans

Roll up your jeans gently to create a 1-inch cuff. Roll again to make a 1-inch double cuff. It is not necessary to create a firm fold because this cuff creates a more out-of-order look.

Fold and Tuck

fold and tuck

Difficulty: Hard

Type of Jeans: Skinny Jeans

Take the hem and fold it up about 3 or 4 inches. Smooth out the cuff and make a definitive seam (you can slip a pen or pencil into the cuff to get a sharp edge). Repeat this to make a double cuff or until you reach the desired length.

Roll and Tuck

roll and tuck

Difficulty: Moderate

Type of jeans: Girlfriend Jeans

Attach the hem of your jeans to your inner ankles and pinch the fabric together so that it lies to one side. Then, as you remove the fabric that creates a more textured appearance, roll the fabric up once or twice.

Flip the Tips

flip the tips

Difficulty: Easy

Type of Jeans: Modern Mom Jeans

For a more minimal on-the-go approach, just flip the tips of the hem upward.. It is not necessary to specify here, the amount of cuffed fabric should be half an inch.

Fold 'em Up

fold 'em up

Difficulty: Easy

Type of Jeans: Straight Leg

This option is a great solution for jeans that are too long for you. Take the hem of your pants and fold them 6 to 8 inches for a spectacular look. Then, pull the bottom of the cuff to make sure both legs are the same. For a cuff that will last all day, put an iron on it. We love how this technique can show off a frayed hem.

Do the Twist

do the twist

Difficulty: Moderate

Type of Jeans: Girlfriend Jeans

This works best with a looser silhouette because there is more fabric to play with than a thin leg, for example. Roll the fabric about 2 inches up the leg haphazardly while twisting it to hold the cuff in place. Do not worry about making the cuffs perfectly even, as long as they touch about the same part of the ankle, you're good.

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