Find Out What T-Shirt Neckline Flatters You Best

Find the cut that suits you best.

  1. Boatneck: Ideal for offsetting wide hips, but can make broad shoulders look broader.
  2. Cowl-neck: Adds dimension to a small chest but may magically downplay the well-endowed.
  3. Crew neck: A classic, but it can highlight a large bust, a short neck, or a double chin.
  4. Scoop neck: Beautifully shows the collarbone and extends a short or thick neck. The curvy neckline, however, emphasizes a round, full face. Those with broad shoulders should avoid a wide scoop.
  5. V-neck: Universally flattering, but keep the cut in mind: A very high V can give the impression that a large bust is saggy, while a plunging V can be too revealing. A wide V compensates for the pear shapes.

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