4 Easy Clothes Washer Maintenance Tips

With these mini moves, your clothes washer can run for many years.

1. Leave the lid open between uses. Air-drying slows the growth of mildew growth.

2. Pop in a chlorine-free washer cleaner once a month to remove any debris that causes a bad odor. Run the machine empty on a hot cycle.

3. Make sure your washer is level. Otherwise, vibrations can damage the floor and prematurely wear out key components, like the shock absorbers and the tub bearings. (There is also that terrible noise.) Place a level on top of the machine and adjust the feet, which are usually screwed up and down. If this does not help, reinforce the floor with a 3/4-inch-thick plywood, slightly larger than the base of the machine, to absorb vibrations.

4. Washers are usually supplied with black rubber hoses that may blister and tear over time, causing a flood. Replace them with sturdier stainless-steel ones, even if they look nice. “I tell everyone to do this because the steel ones will live as long as the washing machine, but rubber hoses typically last only two or three years," says Chris Hall, the president of “All you need is a pair of pliers.”

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