3 Simple Clothes Dryer Tips

Do you want to dry clothes faster and with fewer wrinkles? Here are 3 simple tips to follow.

1. Use permanent press

This medium-heat cycle with a cooling period at the end is a proven crease curber. Do not pack clothes in. They must float freely or they will wrinkle.

2. Do not wait for the dryer to ding

You can skip the ironing of shirts, pants and school uniforms by taking them out of the dryer 10 minutes before the end of the cycle, when they are slightly damp. Shake them well and hang them up, pressing with your hands.

3. Clean the machine

Even if you empty the lint filter after each use, lint buildup can clog the duct over time and pose a fire hazard. A sure sign that your dryer is clogged? It takes more than an hour to dry a load. Once a year, remove the hose from the back of the dryer and use a long brush to remove lint. Also scrub the lint filter with a small toothbrush and detergent once a year. Rinse, then air-dry completely.

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