3 Items You Had No Idea You Could Machine Wash

From backpacks to sporting equipment, you can machine-wash more items than you think.

1. Backpacks (without stickers or ornaments)

Turn it over and remove any metal parts (except for the zippers). Put it in a pillowcase, secure it with a twist tie and wash it in cold water in a delicate cycle. Dry in the air.

2. Sporting Equipment (such as knee pads and shin guards)

Wash in cold water in a gentle cycle. Dry in the air.

3. Pillows Made of Downs and Feathers

Wash in a delicate cycle. Make sure they dry completely in the dryer before use, as damp feathers can cause mold growth. After tumble-drying, place it near an open window or radiator for a few hours before covering it with a pillowcase.

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